03 May 2011

Still A Student?

Last month, i just finished my final exam for last semester. And, today is already 3rd May 2011. Huh, time flies really fast. Why? Unofficially, I've completed 4 years of my study at UKM. Who say that Tesl is an easy course? It's a hard one. Seriously, it's not easy. Alhamdulillah. I took it as a challenge to finish my study here. Although it's very hard, I tried my best. Oh ya, Inysa Allah my convocation will be the end of September.

And now, here I am. The place that belongs to me. Home sweet home. Eat, sleep, online, watching tv/movies- my new activities for now. Hehe. Can you imagine my daily routine? Or I would like to say it's like a 'penggangur' (unemployed). Oh, no. I hope it's temporary for this time. Last week, I applied Guru Sandaran Tak Terlatih (GSTT). I wish. I hope. Pray for me :)

Actually, I still in the shocked mode. Yes, I am. Someone came to my place. I never know who you are. And suddenly you ask me for serious thing. It's too much. Sorry because I can't accept it. Sorry to everyone who hope I'll be with you. I know maybe have some of you felt disappointed with my decision. But, i have to. I've my dream. So, I'll follow my heart. Okey, forget about it. Thank you very much who always with me and support me. Love you guys :)

I bought this book at Kuala Lumpur International Book Fair (KLIBF). How's the story? Oh, damn. Sorry. I still reading, reading and reading this book. So, I can't share about the story. Hehe. Wait till I finish my reading.

You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy. Somebody who won't complicate your life. Somebody who won't hurt you.  


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