31 December 2010

31 December 2010

Today is the last day for 2010. Tadi berblog walking situ sana sini. Kebanyakan entry bloggers wrap up of 2010. Seronok baca 'summary' diorang tentang tahun 2010. Ada macam-macam kisah :)

How about me?
2010, I learnt more about FRIENDSHIP. Yeah, it's true.
Friendship is not about how we have been together, not how much we are given or received, not how many times we have helped each other, but it is how you value one another.

Saya tak berminat nak wrap up all the things happened in 2010. Whatever I did in 2010, it has already happened. I have learned this year and will make 2011 better than 2010. I do not wish to change but i wish to improve for myself. Insya Allah.

Let the past be the past. We've all made mistakes. You and me. We are only human, we all got problems. Life can be hard, but you just need to stay strong. Apa yang berlaku dalam 2010, jadikan ia sebagai kenangan, pengajaran dan pengalaman untuk diri kita.

So, welcome 2011. Please be kind to me.
Happy new year everyone :)


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