22 July 2010

:: about friends ::

You know what’s the thing about friends?
The kind that does not only just brings you laughter and joy, shares your sorrows and lend a listening ear.
The kind that truly accepts you for who you are, love you despite of all the imperfections and mistakes you make.
The kind that stands by you no matter what, with a bond tying you so tight.
The kind that will build you up in times where you doubt yourself, or allowing yourself to be someone’s option, instead of putting you down.
The kind that uses care and love to beat anger, and turn it into understanding.
The kind that inspires you to be a better person.

It’s the kind that will not only give you advice and their opinions, but also dare to tell you that you’re wrong.
It’s almost like family.
It’s the kind who will see the picture for the big, tell you that you’re making a mistake like hurting someone or in your life, tell you truth that not other people can do.
It’s the kind who will risk you blaming them but be the ‘bad guy’ and be honest.
The kind who will be brave enough to tell you you’re wrong.
But still stand by your side, no matter what.
This is the kind, who’s more than just friends.
They are little angels brought into your life.

So be sure to hold on to them.
To love them, and treat them, with your heart.



  1. it good when had sum1 beside us and knew how to treat we nicely


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