06 February 2010

● rambling-rambling ●

hello readers.
happy weekend to all.
i love saturday. i love sunday. i love weekend :D
it's one week left to be here!
i can't wait for my mid term break. yeayy!!

i think that my assignments are gonna be sky high -.-
many works to do.
although i just took 4 subjects in this semester
but, i have tons of assignments!
my research paper, micro teaching, my proposal. haihh~
tension with my assignments? not yet!!

i really do tension with my college.
no water. AGAIN AND AGAIN!!!
what's the problem?? no notice from the other side.
sometimes i felt disappointed what happened to us. huhu
no more PATIENCE for this problem.
every week no water. huh~
can i move to another college next semester??

i lepaked with them last night.
although i'm not good in bowling
i still had fun and enjoyed with them.
thanks guys :D

and now,
this weekend
my time to be more FOCUS.
i really do.


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