10 December 2009

● blogging ●

Friends, I love blogging. So, what?? It is wrong when people like blogging?? I know that there are some people who hate this blogging thingy. Maybe they think that telling people about
your feeling, what you did, posting the pictures or whatever, it is such a waste of time. Huh! It's depends what the bloggers want to share and what you will get when you read the blog. Think about it.

Friends, different people have their own opinions. So, please respect those opinions. I hate when someone told me "Apesal buat blog? Buang masa je cerita benda2 yang tak berfaedah".

Hurm, it's okay when you said like that. Maybe you don't understand the whole world of blogging. It's optional and no one force you to be a blogger or blog reader. And thanks to you because still read my blog although you hate the blogging very much.

Try to be positive in the blogging world and you will get benefits from it.
Trust me :)

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