16 January 2009

read this..

actually this poem is my assignment for malaysian literature in english course.interesting poem dat i can share wit you.huhuu."Malchin Testament"

our english not punny, you no,
our twang, our stresses not wrong,
only the donno complen: say this
say that lah, our english not strong

stress put in all the wrong places,
we say 'cool' eeben wen it's hot lah
we hate the mat saleh races
but hijack deh lingo lah!

we true malaysians, you no,
we pree people, you no: pree
to make english not english
but our very own, you see

we tekan words like our leaders
tekan ebri word, ebri ting
that should be properly tekaned
por the real good op the nation.

just as we make english ideas
not english anymore, but pree
op all that brit liberty shit
that should stay in deh dictionary

we not talk like those lawyers
with their cambridge education
talk this law lah, that law lah
pull of colonial twang and akshen

we tekan words our own always
we tekan the 'du' in education
cause we pree to do what we like
with word meanings and dikshen

we always prefer to differ
(not differ-that's so damn english!)
our revered leaders taught us that
donno why you think it so ticklish

we love to pollow our leaders
in ebri ting that matters
prom what careers to pursue
to what ting to consider true

we do that oso in private matters
tekan the 'ni' in fornication
cause not like our pormer masters
some ting we don tekan like deh do

the 'cras' in democracy we stress
so oso the do(o)m in freedom
in patriot, its 'riot' lah like the rest
and never the 'bore' in boredom

what more, we really give full blast
to the 'id' idealism
so how dare you say we misplace
our stresses, our nationalism

we always have them about us
ebritime talk english lah
our way of talking the lingo
is our way of being unik oso

it's our great opportunity
to practice our own democracy

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